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(6/23/18)  McCleary’s June tournament had a pretty good turnout of players considering so many people are off fishing and camping and the Boise Music Festival was in swing.  I made a guess of 20, and by gosh that’s how many were there to have fun. Anna and her crew treated everyone great and they cooked up good dogs and burgers, plus there were delish side dishes as well brought by some of those talented horseshoe players that are also good cooks.  There were plenty of specialty shots drank, at least that I can remember.  Ha Ha.  McCleary’s was very generous with the giveaways and it is really appreciated that they are so supportive of the Boise Valley Horseshoe League.  The weather was fabulous and things ended well before dark.  Thanks to all that were there to toss the shoes, as well as those that did not play shoes but certainly added to the fun.  A special thanks to Tom Sipiora and Willie Baldry for prepping the pits, and those that were so nice to keep score throughout the day. I want to make mention that the ladies outnumbered the men at this tournament.  I love to see that participation and by the way I think they drank a lot more of those specialty shots. Thanks to all that came out.

1st Place – Justin Baird & Tom Sipiora - $40, plus a nice cooler and a $20 bar tab each (that’s a good haul for a $5 entry fee)
2nd Place – Blake Parker & Elmo - $30, plus a folding chair each
3rd Place –
Mick Courtney & Jade Bacus - $20, plus a cool hammock each
4th Place – Willie Baldry & Paul Thornton - $10, plus really nice hooded sweatshirts each (not sure Willie will give his up to wife Terri – said it fits so he’s keeping it unless it shrinks in the wash).
First Out –
Chris Hoots & Julie Fuzi - $10 bar tab each (they gave a few of a run for the money before that last loss

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(5/19/18) With Turner’s Sportsfair closing on May 12th, they handed off the wand for the May tournament to the Construction Zone.  It has been several years since we had an opening for the Construction Zone to hold a tournament and they were real happy to host.  The weather was fabulous and even though they had a recent fire in their kitchen area, they were still able to serve up some tacos and a few other things, along with some good drinks.  26 people were there to toss their shoes and enjoy the sun and their friends

1st Place – Willie Baldry and Carlos Marquez ($52)
2nd Place – Tom Deideand Blake Parke ($38)
3rd Place – Justin Baird and Eddie Prescott ($26)
4th Place – Allen Arnold and Jade Bacus ($14)

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(4/14/18) 64 Players showed up to kickoff the season and our 30th year for the BVHL. Everyone was excited for 2018. Mother  Nature cooperated nicely, as it was a pleasent day. Steve and Todd must have practiced before the event as they strolled through undefeated, although they did have a tuff game or two throughout the day. Was glad to see the crowd and excitement everyone had to be back at it.

1st Place – Steve Haugse and Todd Lieby ($108)
2nd Place – Melody Maynard and Justin Baird ($82)
3rd Place – Dave Hamman and Alan Blanchard ($54)
4th Place – Willie Baldry and Pam Marks ($28)
5th/6th Place – Tim Richardson and DJ Greenough ($14)
5th/6th Place – Mathew Clark and David Gonzalez ($14)
7th/8th Place – Dave Maynard and Jeff Greever ($10)
7th/8th Place – Steve Burley and Derrick Stevens ($10)

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