Jim's Alibi    2710 Broadway Ave, Boise    342-9220    map    website
Come down to the neighborhood and chill with the locals in the luscious backyard of this small, though spacious bar. Drinks are cheap, the folks are friendly and the hours make it a convenient time, anytime. The busiest bar for the middle of the day, and even busier in the morning as the night shift from Micron gets off. Weíre not quite sure what Jimís alibi was the last time, but we do know the 20 or so regulars who appear on the outside mural sure arenít going to rat him out to the missus or the cops. So if youíre not a regular, or in with someone who is, keep your head down, sling your horseshoes with care and play by the rules, or one of these nights, you might just be the reason Jim invents his next alibi

     Brigette's Construction Zone    229 W Franklin Rd, Meridian    888-4075    map
As they say, itís not whatís on the outside. Inside the Construction Zone is like Meridian's version of Cheers. Itís a party at happy hour and if you crash the party, youíll find a room full of people who look like theyíve partied together many, many times. If you want to hear stories about the night before, this is the place to go. It's a very cool hangout where there's always someone recovering from the previous night's indiscretions and tomfoolery. The place has TVs, a pool table, video games, shuffleboard, two horseshoe pits, jukebox and pinball.

      Dutch Goose    3515 W State, Boise    342-8887    map    website    facebook
A no-smoking policy offers a nice respite from many a barís smoky ozone layer (and means the cool kids are hanging around outside every half hour). Foosball, darts, pool, 3 horseshoe pits and televisions galore keep those who go to drink from being talk-happy for hours and the food Ö oh, the food. Steamed clams, French dip and Reuben sandwiches, one of the best grilled chicken salads around and a selection of brilliant burgers guarantee plenty of repeat business

       Little Dutch Garden    1910 S Owyhee, Boise    342-9034    map    facebook
The "LDG" sits smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood, and the selection of beers might be reminiscent of what patrons stock in their own refrigerators. Pool, multiple televisions, and table tennis keep the patrons entertained inside. In the cold weather, huddle outside around the fireplace, and when it's hot, practice for the LDG-sponsored horseshoe tournaments in the bar's huge fenced back yard.

     McCleary's Pub    9155 W State, Boise    853-9910    map    website
This pub boasts a back yard bigger than your house. If we weren't seasoned bar people, it would be easy to mistake the bar at McCleary's Pub on State Street as an afterthought. Recreation, of course, would be the main event. In fact, we think we'll start referring to McCleary's from here on out as the rumpus room with a drinking problem. And we mean it endearingly. Two horseshoe pits, video games, dart boards, a pool table, basketball court, gazebo, and more outdoor fun than you could shake a stick at--or maybe a pool cue. Play. Drink. Play.