2018 was a great year. The Sodbusters from the LDG are the 2018 champions (Here is a look at the
playoff bracket

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Come on out to the LDG on New Years Day for the Annual Horsehoe Tournament.....
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Fairwell Turners, a loyal sponsor.    
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Sometimes there may be individual openings to fill vacancies on an existing team, make sure you inquire as to one of these if you wish to get into playing and do not have a team.

 Please stop by your home sites and make sure they are ready to go. Coordinate with the other teams to get them ready if they are in need of anything before League play starts the week of the 14th.

The League Rules and Guidelines are posted on the resource page. Please take a second to review these.


"Hey, I Got a Question! What's The Answer?"

Every once in a while questions comes up that would be nice to pass on to the membership. Feel free to submit any questions you might have here:             Submit a question


The Independent News (www.theindnews.com) ran an article on us a while back. Click here to check it out the article.



Here is something you might want to check out during the offseason, Cornhole!  Click on the pic above to visit their website.


Make sure you thank our Sponsors for giving us such nice places to throw, cause we do got some really nice ones!


If you have any pictures you think you would like to share, please get with Jade or Dave so we can get them online. You can contact us off the contacts page if you need to.

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